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Vertical turbine pumps are centrifugal pumps that work on the same principle as horizontal centrifugal pumps. They have applications where the level of the fluid is high. They work when fluid enters the pump at the bottom through a bell-shaped suction bell. From the suction valve, fluid moves into the first stage impeller, where fluid velocity ...Vertical Turbine Pumps Excludes motors, engines, gear drives, VFDs, and controls. For Pattersons packaged pump systems product, refer to the General Pump Inspection and Maintenance Schedule for packaged pump systems. Any additional inspections, maintenance, or tests required by NFPA- Standards for fire pumps are excluded.

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Vertical turbine pumps are firstly invented by Mr. M. Layne and adapted for use in cased wells or where the water surface is below the practical limits, where other pumps can not do the same job. Vertical Turbine pump efficiencies are comparable to or greater than most centrifugal pumps. The Vertical Turbine Pumps have three main parts: the ... Upthrust is a momentary upward force created in vertical turbine pumps the instant the unit is started. Upthrust is counteracted by downthrust as soon as the pump and discharge system are filled with water. The line shaft may either be enclosed in a tube and oil lubricated or exposed and water lubricated.

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